Walna Scar Road 24th December 2014 23:33hrs 43/2014


The evening was damp, with a slight breeze. Sleigh bells could be heard in the far distance over Coniston below.

Cumbria Police had been contacted by two gentlemen who had been doing some off road driving but unfortunately their land rover had got deeply bedded in mud. They needed help to extract their vehicle.

Due to the fact it was Christmas Eve, soon to be Christmas morning, it was decided that the priority was to get the two men safely home. Recovery of their land rover, which was located not far from the car park at the Coniston end of the Walna Scar track, could wait until another day. They were first driven to the base so that details could be taken and then taken to the nearest home of one of the men.

A full Team call-out was not initiated due to the circumstances. However 5 Team Members attended this incident which took 1 hour.