Walna Scar track

Incident 48 of 2023:-
23/09/23, 13.00, Walna Scar track, SD261963
Autumn gave us a fine sunny day, but Cumbria Police called us to assist a gentleman who had fallen on the Walna Scar track, not far from the col, and had hurt his chest. We despatched three Land Rovers (plus one member’s Landie), and walked up the track from the rock step that prevents vehicle travel. He was assessed, and it was considered likely that he had broken or cracked ribs. We therefore used our vacuum mattress which prevents any further movement of damaged bones. We also called for helicopter assistance due to our concerns about his condition.
Helimed 08 from North West Air Ambulance at Blackpool was despatched once again to assist us with a speedy evacuation of the casualty to Furness General Hospital.
14 volunteer team members attended for 3 hours and 5 minutes.