Winter conditions are back in the Lakes

Winter is back in the Lakes!

Much as we love tramping about in the snow, we would rather not be coming out for people who have not taken winter in our hills seriously enough. When snow and ice settle higher up, what is usually a simple walk becomes something much more adventurous. An ice axe and crampons really can make you safer – even small pull-on spike sets can stop you sliding. We see too many people going up and down the Old Man without any, and struggling. A full battery on your phone is crucial – not for navigating, but to be able to call for help if you are really stuck. Batteries do not work as well in the cold, so keep your phone in an inside pocket. Navigation is still best done with a map and compass since these never run out of battery. The days are short, take a torch just in case, again, keep it in an inside pocket when not required. Lots of warm clothing is needed – the ‘feels like’ temperatures now are touching -10C in the next few days – no place to be without proper gloves and a hat.

We want you to enjoy the beauty of our fells in winter conditions. Just be prepared to meet them in real life. #BeAdventureSmart