Wrynose Pass

Incident 2 of 2022:-
06/01/2022, 00.09, Wrynose Pass, NY274026

The weather was cold but dry with ice on the roads. Just past midnight CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) asked us to go the aid of a mother and daughter whose car was stuck on ice and had suffered a flat tyre west of the Three Shires Stone on Wrynose Pass.
We were unable to contact the couple by phone due to poor signal in the area, so a small party of four (chosen for their wheel changing skills of course) was deployed. It was just a matter of time before we located them. Unfortunately we were unable to utilise the spare wheel, and so the car was tentatively moved to a more secure place and the Police advised of its position. They were driven to the Rescue Base and arrangements were made for them to stay in the village at a local B&B for the remainder of the night (morning!). The recovery of the vehicle would be sorted later that day.
5 Team members attended this call out which took 3 hours.