Yewdale Fells 23rd June 2014 00:36hrs 21/2014


It was a clear night and dry.

Three male walkers had requested assistance. They had gone for a walk on the fells late in the evening of the 22nd June, to admire the views, but unfortunately as darkness crept in they strayed off the path and found themselves uncomfortably on steep ground. They were not equipped in terms of experience or attire to negotiate their safe way down.

The team was able to SARLOC the walkers via their mobile phone, which is a system commonly used now to locate casualties who have web access on their mobiles. With this information to hand it was decided to approach them via the White Lady, a waterfall dropping from the fells. The team was able to walk up on to the tops and eventually heard the shouts of the walkers thus locating them safe and well, albeit cold. They were accompanied down to Tilberthwaite and then driven back to where their car was parked.

13 Team members attended this call out which lasted 3 ¼ hours.

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