Yew Pike

Incident 25 of 2021:-
04/08/2021, 16:42pm, Yew Pike, Yewdale Fells, SD298983
The afternoon was warm and sunny with a gentle breeze.
CUMPOL asked us to go to the assistance of three young men who had become crag fast on Yew Pike, on the edge of Yewdale Fells. They had been scrambling up Mouldry Bank Beck and then onto the crags when they became stuck due to the steepness and roughness of the ground.
Their location was quickly ascertained with the use of the Phone Find system, and subsequently with the aid of binoculars and a striking white T shirt, the exact spot could be viewed from the Mountain Rescue Base. One vehicle was deployed and four members quickly set off shortly afterwards up the fell. The party was given water before being led safely back down into the valley.
5 team members attended this incident which lasted just under two hours.