York 26th & 27th December 2015 65/2015

York 26.12.15

(Picture from Getty Images)

As a result of Storm Eva’s progress across the UK on Boxing Day, there was widespread flooding experienced in Lancashire and North Yorkshire, thankfully Cumbria being spared the worst weather.

A request to the Lake District Mountain Rescue Teams resulted in some combined Teams of Swiftwater Rescue Technicians (SRT’s) being sent to Lancashire during the afternoon.

Later that evening further groups went to assist with the increasingly difficult situation developing in the City of York. Coniston MRT sent a Team of 3 SRT’s with a driver and one of our Land Rovers to York to team up with other Groups from the Lake District as well as other areas.

Coniston Team members were involved in a number of jobs including evacuating people and their pets from flooded properties and ensuring the safety of people electing to remain in their properties.

The Team left Coniston at approx 23:00 on 26th December, returning home at approx 16:00 on 27th – a long, wet day out!